One of the Many Famous

Welcome to The Official Guide to all the Famous Penguins of Club Penguin!

Welcome to The Famous Penguins in Club Penguin! Do you have a Club Penguin blog? Make Club Pnguin videos? Or you are popular in Club Penguin? Well if you do anything on the questions above orsomething else than you belong in this wiki! It would be a joy to have you on this wiki! Enjoy!

Want to be on this Wiki?Edit

If you have a blog, make videos, or more you can be on this wiki! But please don't put yourself on this wiki if your reason doesn't make sense. For example if you say you steal coins from Club Penguin don't put yourself on because everybody knows you can't steal money from Club Penguin. So if you have a real reason then feel free to put yourself on this blog!

Latest activityEdit

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